The Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Prof. Niki Evelpidou (Dept. of Geology and Geoenvironment, University of Athens, Greece)
  • Prof. Changhong Miao (Henan University, School of Environment & Planning, China)
  • Prof. Zhang Lidong (Henan University, College of History & Archaeology, China)
  • Dr. Elena Korka (Honorary Ephor of Dept. of Antiquities, Ministry of Culture, Greece, Director of Blue Shield UNESCO Branch, Greece)
  • Prof. Christofilis Maggidis (Mycenaean Foundation, Greece & Dickinson College, USA)
  • Prof. Gregory Tsokas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dept. of Geology, Greece)
  • Dr. George Dimitriadis (Instituto Terra e Memoria & CGEO-Centre of Geoscience, Group of Quaternary and Prehistory, University of Coimbra and OBSERVARE – Dept. Geopolitics and International Relations UAL – Autonomous University of Lisbon, Portugal